K. Michelle Is A Goddess in “The Rain” Video

After dropping her new single “The Rain,” earlier today, Kimberly “K. Michelle” Pate has dropped the official video. Sampling New Edition, Pate made the song her own, and is glowing in the video.

In a simplistic, yet beautiful way, Pate’s video complements the song well. In one scene, she’s wearing a shimmering, metal reflecting dress, to wearing a sheer trench coat, with a silver glitter bra. In the scene where its actually raining, Pate commands all attention.

“Tonight I’m feeling sexy/ I can make you overdose, make it over-flow, if you let me/ Like a river, my waterfalls’ll breakdown a levee/ You gone get soaked, so bring a raincoat/ When we finish you gone see a rainbow (Oh)/ Come swim in my waters like a sailboat, You just making love to me like Nemo/ Come sip on it, as I drip on it/ You gone have to change my name to H2O”

Check out “The Rain” here, and watch the video below.

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