JoJo Drops #NewVideo for “Comeback” Featuring Tory Lanez

After dropping her latest project good to know, JoJo has been releasing quarantine styled videos Her last video was “Lonely Hearts,” and now she’s back with artist Tory Lanez for “Comeback.” Just those two, seen in bright colored lights, creates a space of connection and energy (even not being together in the video).

“It’s crazy how we didn’t talk for years, But we don’t need to say much to get caught up/ My body knows you like you’ve been the only one, Baby, when we’re making love/ I’m selfish, gimme all that, Greedy bitch when I want that/ Hit them splits like an acrobat, Talk my shit ’cause I’m so bad/ With the lights off, you can see me, Feel you right underneath me/ You and me back with the repeat, repeat”

Check out the video below.

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