ICYMI, Fantasia Drops New Single “PTSD” Featuring T-Pain #NewMusic 1

Under her own independent label Rock Soul, Fantasia is giving us her soul with new music.

Following “Enough,” “PTSD” is her second single of her upcoming Sketchbook album. “PTSD,” or post traumatic sex disorder is a real mood, and the lyrics capture that feeling. T-Pain is definitely a plus on the song, as he’s sanging too. The single is a little different from the normal Fantasia we’re used to hearing, just more blunt and aggressive.

“This was a much edgier song for me but one that I felt was needed on the Sketchbook album,” Fantasia says via press release. “Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love and romance overall.”

“Wish I could just pick up the phone (Ooh, you know I can’t do that)/ Your number’s blocked, it’s set in the stone (So no, I won’t call back)/ Baby, save all that weak shit for your Mama/ Baby, save all that weak shit for your boss at work/ Had one job, couldn’t do it, you fumbled/ You was talkin’ like you was gon’ beat something up/ I gave it to you but you messed it up, Wasn’t good enough/ One thing I won’t do is be with anyone, ‘Cause I’m not for everyone”

Check out the song below.

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