Elijah Blake Bares Emotion in “To Be Loved” Video

Elijah Blake doesn’t disappoint, and he shows a more intimate version of himself in his latest video for “To Be Loved.”

In various room and scenes, It’s just him in the video. It comes across as reflection, when you’re alone, and have nothing but time to think. Just hearing him belt out “whenever, whenever, whenever you’re ready to be loved,” is powerful. It’s personal, the video matches the vibe of the song.

“To let me hold you, let me hold you for the first time/ Everybody needs love on a cold night/ When you’re starin’ at the wall ’cause you can’t cry, You can just hit my line/ Early phonin’ just to talk about nothin’, Favorite channel, which celebrity’s your cousin?/ I’m not rushin’, but when you need some lovin'”

To Be Loved” was released on Blake’s Bijoux23 EP. Check out the video below.

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