Dwyane Wade Addresses Homophobic Criticism About Raising His Son: “I’ve Been Chosen to Lead My Family, Not Y’all”

Dwyane Wade had a good celebration for Thanksgiving, and like many families, posted a photo. It shows him, Gabrielle Union, their daughter Kaavia, and Wade’s son Zion. Zion is wearing a crop top, and has fake nails, which sparked a lot of controversy.

After the photo was posted, that’s when criticism rolled about Wade’ parenting style. Wade has been vocal in the past about supporting Zion embracing who he is. “Go and be your amazing self,” he stated, and he continues to support Zion through the hate.

The photo was innocent, and people took issue with Zion wearing fake nails and a crop top. Some people took the chance to criticize Wade for “allowing” this, and not stepping up. And while Wade has been stepping up, and supporting his child, he made it clear that Zion is his child, his responsibility, and his happiness is what matters. “So we will continue to be us and support each other with pride, love & a smile!”

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