Dawn Richard Drops A Video for 2 New Songs, “Slim Thicc” & “Ay Papi”

We love a non-conforming,genre-crossing, talented music queen! Dawn Richard is back with new music, and a new video.

Richard dropped two new songs today, “Ay Papi” featuring Trakgirl, and “Slim Thicc” featuring Brooke Candy. With just her, a few dancers, a white backdrop, and editing, Richard delivers a combined video for both singles.

Combining both, the two songs transition easily. In true Richard fashion, dance and melanin was the focus of the video. While they served dance, Richard also served multiple looks throughout the video, directed by Monty Marsh.

“Slim Thicc” lyrics:

“Burn like mahogany, Smooth like Hennessy/ Me guan nah say, We come from a line of kings/ Its okay to be cocky, When you move your waist/ You was born to be on me, Whine it low, Whine it low, Whine it low/ Show me you want me”

“Ay Papi” lyrics:

“Boy you got me feeling so explosive, Didn’t know I had all these emotions/ When you come through ohh wee, When it goes down, Ay Papi/ Every time we step out its a moment, Hand over my head because you control it/ When you come through ohh wee, When it goes down/ Ay Papi”

Check out the video below, and get the music here.

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