Ashley Darby Speaks On Husband’s Alleged Sexual Assault On Cameraman (Video) 1

Ashley and Michael Darby on “Real Housewives of Potomac” have been in the spotlight outside of the show a few times, but this one is a little different.
While filming the latest season of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” it was alleged that Michael had inappropriately grabbed a cameraman while filming. Not only is this demeaning as face value, but it was also rumored that Michael is secretly gay, and had an affair in London while married to Ashley. Those rumors Ashley and Michael both denied as false.
TMZ reported that the cameraman who is alleging the assault against Michael said Michael gave him “a flirtatious look” after the grope and the man instructed Michael to stop, later telling his supervisor.
Ashley appeared on “Sister Circle Live” earlier this week and spoke on the alleged sexual harassment. “So, allegedly my husband touched one of the cameraman who then decided to file a police report in Montgomery County,” she said while going into detail. “The way Montgomery County works is, as soon as a report is filed, it goes into the system. Where as in other states, it actually goes to a prosecutor first, and then decide wether or not they’re going to analyze it. However, in Montgomery County that’s it… they get to evaluate it later. However, he decided to go to the press, and made the press and court of public opinion, judge.”
Ashley then goes on to say that she and Michael couldn’t figure out what the cameraman’s motivation would be for allegedly trying to defame Michaels name.
You can watch the Interview segment below.

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