K. Michelle Announces Upcoming Album Title “All Monsters Are Human”

Kimberly “K. Michelle” Pate is on the way to deliver new music to us once again. Not only are we getting an R&B album, but also a mixtape, and a Country album.

Via. Instagram

Pate has given us 4 R&B albums and multiple mixtapes. From #1 albums to cursing people out on tv, Pate has given us her. Unapologetic, talented, and raw. Not only on screen, but through the music.

After telling fans for months that the music is on the way, it’s really on the way, and done. Pate is finally ready to “come out and play.” Pate announced the album being complete with an Instagram post.

“We create our own monsters, then fear them for what they show us about our ourselves. I could say I hate you, but I’ll just say you made a monster out of me.”

Although is no time frame for the Country album, it is on the way!

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