Rihanna Is Now The First Artist to Sell Over 200 Million Certified RIAA Units

Rihanna has now broken another record, and it should come as no surprise. In true bad gal fashion, Rihanna is now the first and only artist to sell over 200 million units, and during Black Music Month.

Via. Giphy

Although Rihanna has branched off into different business ventures like fashion and health/beauty, it was the music that made her a household name. Music that nobody can forget. In 2015, Rihanna became the first artist to sell over 100 million units according to Billboard, and in 2018, there were 3, while she was still in the lead. Her runners up are Taylor Swift, then Eminem.

Now, if you don’t know, RIAA stands for the Recording Industry Association of America. They help keep track of units sold involving music sales and streams. What does this mean? That in order to receive your gold and platinum records, your music and sales must be submitted, and this is something a lot of artist’s and their record labels don’t do.

Today, @ChartData on Twitter announced that the megastar reached such a milestone. In fact, if you search Rihanna’s name in the RIAA files, you’ll see that majority of her albums and singles have gone platinum. You’ll also see that some of her records haven’t been updated since 2005.

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