We’re Probably Not Getting a Formation World Tour DVD, According to Beyoncé

In her latest feature with Elle Magazine, Beyoncé showed that she is the low-key queen of petty. While we learned some more information on her personal life and thoughts, she also addressed the number one question fans have asked for since 2016. Where’s the Formation World Tour DVD?

Elle Magazine’s cover with Beyoncé featured questions from Facebook, Instagram, and through emails. Beyoncé spoke on what miscarriages taught her, denying her Snapchat to the world, Target shopping, and more. The article included a fan question about the FWT DVD.

I’ve been to every one of your solo tours and the ones with JAY-Z,” started the fan. “The Formation World Tour was my favorite. Where is the video?” Beyoncé gave us her answer, and listed Prince as the reason why there isn’t (and probably won’t be) a FWT DVD.

“Years ago, I asked Prince to record my rehearsal with him for our Grammy performance. He said, “You don’t need to record that. You own that in your mind.” Haaaaaaa! Prince always knew best! So, you can always watch the Formation World Tour in your mind; you own that! ?”

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