Watch The Trailer For New Film “Running Out Of Time,” Starring RonReaco Lee & Tasha Smith

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The suspense thriller focuses on Brenda Harper (Tasha Smith), who recently suffered the loss of her husband from a sudden death. Newly widowed, taking care of her teenage daughter and ailing mother (Telma Hopkins), Brenda is the sole beneficiary of her husband’s assets, which include millions of dollars, property, and most importantly, a secret file that she has yet to discover. Brenda finds out from her husband’s closest friend, Cain (RonReaco Lee) that the file is hidden inside their home, so they think, when they are all taken hostage at Brenda’s Summer home by two masked men, who are now threatening to kill them all one by one if they don’t turn over the file. Having no answers, Brenda, her daughter, mother and Cain are tied up and held hostage until these masked men get what they want. With time running out, Brenda has to do whatever she can to ensure her family’s survival and fight for their lives.

If the description alone doesn’t get you, the trailer below is sure to capture your attention. Smith is always on top of her game, and seeing Lee’s career expand is amazing after watching him grow, like many of us, from “Sister, Sister.”

“Running Out of Time” premieres Saturday, December 1st at 9/8C on BET