Trina’s ‘The One’ Album is Available Again!

For years, Trina teased fans about The One “coming soon,” and it finally came out in 2019. Fans enjoyed it, but the album was quickly pulled offline, and silently. Nobody knew why until this year, but now it’s back, and available to purchase/stream again.

The One via. Twitter

On the latest season of Love and Hip Hop Miami, Trina explained her version of what happened to her album. She stated that her former business partner, Julian Boothe, took money that was supposed to be used to pay the people that worked on the album. The people didn’t get paid, and the album had to get pulled. Boothe denied all of Trina’s claims.

“After four years, we finished the album, finally,” Trina stated. “Then, my business partner Julian was given a $300,000 advance and he used it for his label which was supposed to be for me. Now, all of a sudden I’m getting cease and desist letters from producers that were never paid and my whole album was taken down off the internet.”

Trina issued a statement on Instagram, saying that she’s “thankful” her album is back up. She also said it’s been a “long, stressful, and painful process.” Part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop Reunion airs tonight, so maybe Trina will go more into detail. Until then, why not listen to the album again below!

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