Trina Speaks Out: Addresses Nicki Minaj & Her Head of A&R’s Comments

Trina and Nicki Minaj have been friends for awhile, so a beef was never thought of… til recently.

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Reginald Saunders, Head of A&R at Trina’s label recently took to Instagram to call out Minaj for what he felt was shady actions. In the since deleted post, Saunders called out Minaj for an apparent lack of support for the duo’s song “BAPS.” He stated that he “can’t wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can’t stop karmas reign, shame on you.”

“I want to address the issue so bad about this #BAPS record and VIDEO and it’s taking everything inside of me to remain quiet,” he wrote accompanying a photo of him sitting in a chair, looking at his phone. “This isn’t the first time @nickiminaj has pulled this stunt and trust me it’s cool. I can’t get over how fake people can be for a Lil fame , likes and followers. when everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt…I mostly feel sorry for the #barbs because they have no clue of the deceiver and manipulator their leader is.”

Trina took to Instagram Live, and addressed what was said. She stated that she has no beef with Minaj, and that she mad bad business deals/decisions. She also tool responsibility on behalf fo her team, but stated that no one should have used her name to speak out against another artist, or speak bad on anyone. She also stated that she was going through some more important than this album, something personal.

Watch the full live below.

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