Trina and Nicki Minaj Sample “Project Chick” For New Song “BAPS”

Trina’s long awaited album, The One, is set to come out June 21st, and she has delivered the long awaited single with her and Nicki Minaj, “BAPS.”

BAPS Cover Art Via. @TrinaRockstarr (Twitter)

The pair’s first official musical link up was “Dang A Lang” off Trina’s Amazin’ album, and with the two being friends, fans have been wanting more music from them. “BAPS” matches up with vibes from BAPS the movie, and samples hood classic “Project Bitch” by Cash Money Millionaires.

Just like the original song, “BAPS” starts off by Trina calling out a few names, but of her exes and some almost baes. Trina and Minaj go back and forth, while clearly having fun on the record, giving us both classic versions of both of them.

“This one is for French Montana, Tory Lanez and friends
James Harden, and you too, Mr. Martin/ I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)/ Yeah, I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)/ And to my niggas with bitches that like causin’ drama/ Me and my bad bitches, we like “Fuck his baby mama”/ He cop me them Chanel bags, them diamonds VVS/ You see this 500 million dollar mansion that’s wrapped ’round my neck”

Check out the single below.

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