Tinashe Gets to ‘Bouncin’ in #NewVideo for Latest Single

Tinashe definitely knows how to put on a show, and this time it includes trampolines and choreography. In her new video for the uptempo bob “Bouncin,” the artist is all for a good time, especially if it involves sweating our her edges. Tinashe has a way of making the most of any space she’s placed in, and for the “Bouncin” video, it includes a gymnasium.

Tinashe and the dancers showcase intricate and tedious moves that would be hard in general, but doing them on a trampoline adds a different layer of difficulty. With every video, especially after becoming an independent artist, Tinashe pushes the bar for her music/music video creativity.

“Just like this, Got the magic touch, you can call me Midas/ This is what it’s like when you’re on my list, Shoot, don’t miss/ Love it how it feels when we’re just vibin’, Don’t fight it/ Canceled all my plans, all the side chicks, I know what I want so come try this, Baby, read my lips/ Let me make your night, top it off with a kiss”

Watch the video below.