Tinashe Dances in Black & White for “Stormy Weather” Video

Tinashe’s “Stormy Weather” video is the latest from her Songs for You album. It follows “Die A Little Bit,” “Save Room For Us,” and “So Much Better.” It’s different from the other two aesthetically.

Featuring a few dancers, and shot in black and white, “Stormy Weather” seems to be a more personal album. Featuring close ups on Tinashe, all dancers in nothing but tow pieces, and working with each other. It was directed by

Keep on flipping backwards and forwards on ya, I don’t apologize/ Trust my instincts, hope that you feel me, Seems like you a nice guy, oh/ Circle meets the line I find, There is no where, there is no why/ There is just time

Via. Genus

Check out the video below.

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