Tickets on Sale for Mo’Nique’s Netflix Comedy Special Taping

Comedy legend Mo’Nique will get the last laugh in more ways than one with her latest comedy special.

Tickets are currently on sale for Mo’Nique’s comedy special taping for Netflix called “My Name Is Mo’Nique,” which takes place on Oct. 29.

A few years prior, Mo’Nique called on her fans to boycott the network for racial and gender bias surrounding her then-deal offer, and fellow deal offers for other women comediennes on the streaming service prior to.

It’s been years in the making, along with lawsuits filed, but Mo’Nique and Netflix have reached an agreement for her to have her own comedy special on the network.

Mo’Nique announced the deal in July with a video where she asked “can y’all believe this shit? I don’t came on home to Netflix”

Not only has she secured a deal with Netflix for a comedy special, but she’ll also star in Lee Daniel’s Netflix film called “The Deliverance,” the first movie the two have worked on since “Precious.”

While this may be Mo’Nique’s first Netflix comedy special, she has been working non-stop with touring the country and doing shows. In 2019, she had her own Las Vegas comedy show residency.

That residency came shortly after she asked people to boycott Netflix in 2019.

The show takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Rialto Center.

Tickets vary, but no more than $100 before tax for the highest ticket bracket. Purchase them here.