Therapy Turns Into Flashbacks for Ari Lennox in #NewVideo for ‘Waste My Time’

In her latest video release, Ari Lennox goes through a therapeutic journey in the “Waste My Time” video, which  follows previous releases of “Pressure,” “Hoodie” and “POF” off her sophomore album, “age/sex/location.”

The lyrics to “Waste My Time” are very direct as Lennox sings about what she wants and how she wants it and being okay with it.

The video begins with Lennox in a therapy session getting asked by she thinks she goes for the same type of man, but the concept follows the lyrics as Lennox flashes back to her time with said man.

“Way too grown for the bullshit, That triple X on me, we ain’t school kids/ So come over, and do what it do, ‘Cause I’m tryna have you / Waste my time, get on my line, ‘Cause I got the time to waste / Use that mouth, blow this back out, Back up every word you say /  Waste my time, get on my line, Then you can be on your way”

Watch the video below.