Tasha Smith Offers Advice for Women & Reveals She Used To Be A Stripper:”If You Don’t Love Your Kids, The Streets Will Love Them”

Tasha Smith, Lil Mama, Tami Roman & Lance Gross visited The Breakfast Club to discuss their upcoming movie on TVOne, “When Love Kills.” 


While talking about the movie, Smith revealed  a past most didn’t know about. Smith revealed she was a past stripper (at the age of 20), and used it to help survive and continue her career at that young age. She chose to reveal while talking about the film and its star Felicia Blakely (Lil’ Mama) to help possibly teach a lesson.

“There are some women who can probably handle that lifestyle and not get caught up. You look at Amber Rose and Blacc Chyna and see they did well for themselves, but every woman I feel can’t go in thaty world and really mentally handle it, and handle the pressure in that world. To me, Felicia Blakely was one of those wopmen, she was young, she was looking for a way to make some money. Hey, I used to be a stripper…”

Based on a gripping true story, “When Love Kills” stars Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ Kirkland as Falicia Blakely, a young woman who gets caught up with the wrong man who leads her down a dangerous path of drugs, gun and more.

At 16 and already a mother, Blakely is at odds with her mom ( Tami Roman, Basketball Wives) and soon begins working at a strip club when she meets Dino (Lance Gross, House of Payne ), a man who she thinks is the man of her dreams. Dino, however, is much more than he seems and soon pulls Falicia into a dangerous life of crime that changes everything she knows about herself.”

When Love Kills premieres August 28 9/8c only on TV One