Chilli…. T-Boz and Chilli from TLC did an interview with Channel 4 UK, and was asked about Donald Trump and the Black Lives Matter. Although neither women support Donald Trump or his antics under his presidency, Chilli gave her opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement. When asked did either women […]

Chilli From TLC Criticizes Donald Trump & Says All Lives ...

TLC just released their 2nd single off their upcoming and final album called “Haters.” Although they haven’t confirmed the title of the album, the current title with Apple Music is simply “TLC.” Their first single, “Way Back” featuring Snoop Dogg, was very 90’s TLC, with the strong R&B vibe. But “Haters” […]

TLC Premieres New Song, “Haters,” And Their Final Album Tracklist

With more than two years after achieving their Kickstarter goal following the TLC biopic, the group is set to finally release their fan-funded album this summer, according to their manager on their kickstarter page.  In January 2015, the iconic R&B group announced plans for their fifth and final album, which would be funded by […]

TLC’s New Album Will Be Released This Year, According To ...