Ruff Endz

Reigning from Baltimore with a couple of decades in the music industry and five albums later, duo Ruff Endz can continue along within the music industry because of their friendship and respect for one another. Throughout the years, the duo, David Chance and Dante Jordan, have released five albums, with their […]

Baltimore’s Own: Ruff Endz Discuss Their Latest Single, How Baltimore ...

From the release of their fifth studio album, “Rebirth,” duo Ruff Endz (David Chance and Dante Jordan) have released their latest single and video, “Congratulations.” Along the lines of reflecting after a breakup, “Congratulations” shows a different side of a breakup; growth, maturity and acknowledgment. Directed by┬áDC Coles, the video for […]

#NewVideo: Ruff Endz Move On from a Past Relationship in ...

Formed in Baltimore in the mid-’90s, and comprised of David Chance and Dante Jordan, Ruff Endz returns to their music scene. The duo’s fifth studio album, Rebirth, is here, following previously released singles “Be The One” and “Congratulations.” “The inspiration behind this album was birthed out of our experiences, both personally […]

#NewMusic: Duo Ruff Endz Returns with Fifth Album: ‘Rebirth’