Solange On “Cranes In The Sky: “I Want People To See Us As Avant-Garde In A World That Sometimes Puts Us In A Box”

Solange is finally getting the love and respect she deserves, a true definition of #ForTheCulture. “A Seat At The Table” touched on many issues within the community, while overall having the message of self love, self consciousness, and determination.


“I’m the most excited about the fact that I that wrote “Cranes in the Sky” in a period of desperation and weariness,” Solange opened up and stated this past Sunday (Feb. 12) at the Grammys Media Center. “That fact that it’s resonated the way that it has— now eight years later, a song that got pushed to the side a lot, I knew this was the right time.”

“Cranes in the Sky” was more than just a song for many, hell, her whole album was more than just an album. “A Seat At The Table” gained love and support from black women who connected with the messages, as well as black men.

“I honestly felt like I won before this because of the connectivity the record has had, especially with black women and the stories I hear on the street.” she stated. “I think that visual art in all aspects are important to me, from videos to artwork, creating strong visual representation, not just for myself but for black women,”

“I want people to see us as avant-garde in a world that sometimes puts us in a box.”