Raheem DeVaughn Wants a “Love Reunion” in #NewVideo

“I made this song for any man that’s committed infidelity,” states Raheem DeVaughn in the beginning of the song. It makes you do a double take. However, it’s perfect for the song at hand, given the name of it is “Love Reunion.”

“Love Reunion” is DeVaughn’s third video from the album of the same title. The single was written by Devaughn and produced by Loris Geisen and Pops The video was directed by Charneice Fox, and features Hazel Armari .

I wanted the video to reflect the actual lyrics of the song,” stated DeVaughn. “I wanted to take it back to the time where videos had storylines and you felt what you were watching. This song was penned for all of us that have actually made the mistake of stepping out on your partner and then you realize that your partner’s love is worth fighting for and you are willing to do anything possible to get it back.”

DeVaughn closed 2019 with being Mediabase #1 Most Played Indie Male Artist and the #7 Most Played Artist on the UAC format with his smash single, “Just Right.”

Check out the video below.