Prior To Divorce Announcement, Police Conducted A Welfare Check On Wendy Williams Following Allegations of Poisoning From Husband

Prior to Wendy Williams filing for divorce from husband Kevin Hunter, the New Jersey police paid her a visit to conduct a welfare check after receiving a phone call regarding poison.

TMZ reported that the cops arrived to the Hunter household in January because they received a phonemail from a worker of Williams, stating that they believed Williams was being pointed by Hunter. During this time, Williams was on a health related hiatus from her show, so many people did not see her much outside in public.

According to the report they obtained, Hunter was hesitant to let the cops enter their home, and that he allegedly did not want the cops to speak to Williams alone.

According to PEOPLE, “Williams ‘became tearful’ when asked if there was any truth to the poisoning claim but ultimately denied any poisoning had occurred, according to the police report. Police say Hunter ‘Then responded saying something to the effect of that there had never been any calls to his house regarding domestic violence.'”

Hopefully everything is good with Williams as she going through such a hard time.