Porcelan Speaks on What Inspires Her, Latest Single “Act Out,” Acting Aspirations & More

Born and raised in the Westwood area of South Memphis, TN, Porcelan was raised around music. It’s ingrained in the culture of Memphis, home of many great acts like KoKo Taylor, K. Michelle, Three 6 Mafia, and where artists like B.B. King and Isaac Hayes began their music careers. Porcelan had the culture from when she was born, and learned music from her family. 

(I feel it’s important to note this interview was conducted in April, so when we mention things about “this being over,” it’s in reference to the coronavirus outbreak… not the BLM protests.)

“I don’t really remember it being anything I heard on the radio; I really remember it being my family, like my mom singing. My parents are singers and musicians, so at family reunions it was really like `a thing’”

From her family, to learning tricks and tips in life that helped her be self sufficient, Porcelan has been able to work during the coronavirus pandemic. There are also life life lessons she says “somethings you learn don’t really hit you until it’s time to hit you,” she stated.

“The most important thing that I was told was that being self sufficient is important because we may be there one day, and you don’t have device, and you still have to continue moving, moving through your life and you still have to continue to get things done because your career doesn’t stop.

Some lessons she learned early on were from watching movies, which aided her acting aspirations. Porcelan’s latest single and video is “Act Out.” The video was inspired by A Thin Line Between Love and Hate.

“The treatment was my idea,” stated Porcelan. “I feel like as an artist, I should be able to say and do things that people can’t do in real life, that’s it. That’s the excitement of being an artist and being able to create it, create and be a voice for people.” 

Music videos is helping Porcelan to live out her acting dreams as well. She was inspired by movies like A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Waiting to Exhale, Soulfood, and more. As well as Beyoncé, when it goes to staying in your truth, but experimenting with different sounds. But Porcelan holds life and family lessons and experiences close to her as well.

“I grew up listening to stories from other women, my parents, my grandparents, typically females, the women in my family. And then it trickles down into my friendships. Then I started developing my own life, and learning about relationships. When I think of what women go through, and I see how painful it could be. Even though women boss up, and they’re very independent, and how lonely they could be, or how pissed they could be about a situation; it influences the music because I want to be able to speak to that.”

Even during the pandemic, Porcelan still plans to strive and achieve. One thing she’s definitely working on his her debut album. She has released a few singles, and her holiday EP, Joyful Hearts, but she hasn’t done a few album yet, and with good reason. She took a break, and wanted to learn more about herself before releasing a full album. “When it’s right, I’ll feel it. Until then, I’m going to keep creating until it feels right.”

And as things continue to feel right for the artist, what can we expect in the upcoming months?

“A different lane, a different sound of music, they can expect more… More shows, some features. They can expect a tour. They can just expect just the full Porcelan experience. ‘Cause once this is over (coronavirus), I know things will be like, ‘bam, bam, bam’. Everything is going to be happening, happening really fast. They’re going to get the opportunity to see me on a brand side, and just all over. They can just expect to get a chance to finally get to know who I really am, and me being more visible.”

Check out the full interview below.

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