Philip Johnson Places Two Films on Streaming Services: ‘Extremely Fulfilled’

Philip Johnson of Philaye Films continues to evolve his creativity. In just about a year, two films he helped co-create/produce are now on two separate streaming services.

The films  “The Unhinged” and “Maybe Next Christmas” were released in 2021 to much success.

“The Unhinged,” created by Robert Graves and Johnson, follows a young man who tries to find new love after losing his partner, only to find his suitors are being hunted by a night stalker.

“Maybe Next Christmas,” was an idea that came to LJ Lameck in a dream. It was created and co-executive produced by Lameck, and co-executive produced by Johnson.

Johnson said he feels “extremely fulfilled” in getting both films on streaming services, which are his first movies officially released.

“I learned so much during this process, and we put so much love into the movies, so I’m beyond ecstatic and proud to see the fruits of our labor,” Johnson said.

Viewers can watch “Maybe Next Christmas” on ShienTV, Mometu and EmBlaze TV, and “The Unhinged” on iElevate+ TV.

“FilmHub is a great site for getting distribution, so we got our streaming service deals for ‘Maybe Next Christmas’ through their platform,” Johnson said. “‘The Unhinged’ is distributed on iElevate+ TV. I met them this year through a conference at which I was booked, and I have another film in development with them that I can’t wait for people to see in 2023.

There are already follow-ups to both projects. “Maybe Next Summer,” a sequel to “Maybe Next Christmas is in development. Johnson said the script is done and they are pitching for funding for the film in 2023.

 “The Unhinged” will have a spin-off series, which is also in development.

Johnson recently had a premiere event for “Maybe Next Christmas” in Atlanta. As much as Johnson loves filmmaking, he also loves the event planning process.

“We get a lot of love at the events and seeing the crowd’s reactions is always cool,” Johnson said. “I am surprised by how much I love making movies. I am looking forward to getting my series released in 2023 for everyone to see, but I didn’t expect how much I would love the feeling of completing and releasing films. My love of making movies has made the long patient process of developing shows very doable and fun. Movies allow for more spontaneity in a way, and I love that.”

With it being the Christmas season, Johnson has some traditions which include music by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Destiny’s Child and others. He also plans to watch some of his favorite Christmas films like “This Christmas,” “Four Christmases,” “Jingle Jangle,” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”