#NewVideo: Normani Returns, Shows Her ‘Wild Side’ with Cardi B

After almost two years since “Motivation,” Normani has finally delivered new music to her fans, and on her birthday. Giving looks, choreography, creativity and more, Normani is breaking free and truly showing us a glimpse of her “Wild Side.” Normani teased fans with a snippet of the single in February, and they’ve been asking for it every day since. Normani’s clear-cut voice mixed with the sexually charged lyrics, followed by Cardi’ Bs expression is a combination that flowed effortlessly into one another.

“We can’t just keep talkin’ about it, We think too often about it/ We can’t just be cautious about it, I wanna get wild/ Take me for a ride, boy, Show me your wild side, boy/ Know it’s been a while, boy, I wanna get wild”

Watch the video for “Wild Side” below and get the song here.