#NewVideo: NAO Takes Us to Creative World in ‘Messy Love’

Love isn’t easy. When it’s done right, it can be beautiful, when done wrong, it can definitely become a situation full of “Messy Love.” When it gets to that point, you must choose yourself, and that is what NAO expresses in her latest single.  

“Said I can’t lie, said I can’t lie/ Said I can’t waste my mind, Not even this time/ Said I won’t break, said I won’t break/ Said I won’t change my ways, not even this time/ ‘Cause no one wants fool’s love, That kind of messy love (Love)/ ‘Cause I don’t want no love, That kind of messy love (Love)”  

Creative dance, expression, butteflies and bright colors showcase a form of freedom or self-release, relating to the message NAO is choosing herself and encouraging others to do the same.  

Listen to “NAO’s Messy Love” here and watch the video below.  

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