#NewVideo: Mary J. Blige Shines and Feels ‘Amazing’ on Latest Single

Once you get up and say “Good Morning Gorgeous,” “Amazing” by Mary J. Blige has to be the follow-up. Released in company with “Good Morning Gorgeous,” Mary J. Blige’s “Amazing” may sound like the polar opposite, but the singles share a similar message.

The single, which features DJ Khaled, samples “You Don’t Love Me” by Dawn Penn. “Amazing” has Blige feeling “Amazing,” focusing on the good instead of the negative. Celebrating yourself every day, not just on occasion.

The self-love of “Good Morning Gorgeous” with the boss-like feeling of “Amazing” tells the story of life. While one may be down, you have to get back up and remember who you are. The video shows Blige living carefree and having a good time surrounded by friends and dancers.

Download “Amazing” here.

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