#NewVideo: Lizzo Pays Homage to ‘Blue Monday’ Painting by Annie Lee in ‘SNL’ Performance

As a staple painting in the Black community, many know the image of “Blue Monday” by Annie Lee, a Black woman (inspired by Lee’s life) sitting on the edge of the bed in a blue bedroom on Monday morning.

Lizzo channeled that painting for her recent SNL performance of “Break Up Twice” from her new album, Special.

“Break Up Twice” is an insight into Lizzo and her personal life, most likely pertaining to her current relationship with entertainer Myke Wright, which Lizzo shares more information about in her HBO documentary

AnnieLeeGifts.com shares the backstory for “Blue Monday.”

“As an adult, one Monday morning at five o’clock as Annie Lee tried to get it together, she came up with “Blue Monday,” reads the site. “She wondered if anybody else felt as bad as she did having to go out on that cold winter morning to catch the bus to work.”

Watch Lizzo perform “Break Up Twice” below.