#NewVideo: Kevin Ross Provides Black Love Cinema Progression While ‘Looking For Love’

In his new single “Looking For Love,” Kevin Ross serenades souls with beautiful and honest lyrics, enhanced by an intimate music video starring just Ross and Falon Johnson. With no words spoken between the two, just actions and the music, Ross and Johnson’s portrayal of a couple whose progressing story is described with the lyrics of the song; complimenting the artistry of Ross down to the final word of the of the letter he receives.

“I ain’t worried (Worried) ’cause they’rе not me (Not me)/Just a copy (Copy)/, But if you’re sеarching for more, I’ll tell you what you already know/ Baby, if you’re looking for love, Girl, sooner or later you’re bound to find it/ Can’t keep holding onto what was, You gotta be willing to trust in something.”

Watch the video below, and download “Looking For Love” here.

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