#NewVideo: H.E.R. Captures Pain & Emotion in “I Can’t Breathe”

H.E.R. just released a new song called “I Can’t Breathe,” and the pain and emotion in her voice is heard throughout. “I Can’t Breathe” is a phrase many recognize from the public death of Eric Garner, and most recently, George Floyd.

H.E.R. is accompanied simply with guitar in the song, followed by spoken words. She addresses racial inequality, and police brutality. The video shows footage of protests, followed by the names of many unarmed Black people killed by the police, or at the hands of racist individuals who took the law into their own hands.

“Generations and generations of pain, fear, and anxiety, Equality is walking without intuition/ Saying the protector and the killer is wearing the same uniform, The revolution is not televised/ Media perception is forced down the throats of closed minds, So it’s lies in the headlines/ And generations of supremacy resulting in your ignorant, privileged eyes”

Watch the video below.