#NewVideo: Gallant Returns with the ‘Comeback.’

Gallant is putting in work in an attempt to “Comeback.” to an ex or previous relationship. The song has the singer coming to a realization that he has messed up following ego and pride and misses what once was. Story as old as time itself, but a lesson many can still learn from.

“So hard saying my mistakes with you in front of me, At the risk of you judging me, but I’ll attempt an apology/ Like the planets are indifferent to astrology, I was distant to monogamy tried to break up the monotony/ But now I know sameness was stability and I maimed it, now it’s killing me/ Swear the ego is the enemy and believe me, I’ve been regretting it/ Though I used to mince words for the hell of it, I mean these, no embellishment”

Download “Comeback.” here and watch the video below.

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