#NewVideo: Durand Bernarr Graces NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ Series with Bobby Proud Realness

As he continues always having the mic on, Durand Bernarr as Bobby Proud from The Proud Family continued to show fans the talent he has, and gained new fans along the way.

Bernarr said that he’s not, meant to be understood but to be experienced, and he gave a full experience throughout his performance. Shifting between genres and truly using his voice as the tool it is.

For his “Tiny Desk Concert” set, Bernarr performed “Leveled,” “Chops (Reprise from Stuck),” “Sam’s Vibe,” “Company,” “Mango Butter,” “Relocate,” “Freefall,” “Stuck.,” and “Melody.”

Watch the performance below.