#NewVideo: Doechii Releases Anticipated Single ‘What It Is’

Since she first teased the single across social media a few weeks back, fans urged Doechii to release the song that uses the iconic lines “What it is h*e? What’s Up?” from Trillville’s “Some Cut.” Now, the song is released with a video.

With the release of the song came controversy when the artist revealed the featured artist for the song was rapper Kodak Black.

After some fans across social media were vocal about their displeasure with Doechii teaming up with Kodak Black given his history with the law and other allegations, she has released a solo version to accompany the original version.

Doechii released multiple versions of the song as an EP pack, with the original with Kodak Black, a solo version, a sped-up version, slow downed version and more.

“What it is, hoe? What’s up? Every good girl needs a little thug / Every block boy needs a little love, If you put it down, I’ma pick it up, up, up / I don’t care if he run the streets, Long as he comin’ home to me”

Download all versions here.