#NewVideo: Chlöe Takes People to Church in ‘Pray It Away’

After announcing that her upcoming album called “In Pieces” would be released in March of this year, Chlöe has released her first single from the album, “Pray it Away.”

Chlöe has officially stated that none of her previous singles will be on the project.

“Pray It Away” has Chlöe singing about moving past a “f*ck n*gga” and re-evaluating her life and situations; leading to her wanting to pray away some feelings before she acts on the hurt.

“Can’t talk to my friends ’cause they hate you too, And if the option’s violence, don’t make me choose it/ God knows my heart, I’m wildin’, wildin’, So close to doin’ somethin’ / Maybe I should go and take it to church, And wash it away ’cause I want that nigga to hurt / But I’ma just pray it away before I give him what he deserves first”

Via. Genius

Directed by Madeline Kate Kann, Chlöe has 5 main scenes that mostly involve a church in some way: ranging from solo scenes in all-white surrounded by candles, to a few dancers surrounding her in a praise dance moment. One scene has Chlöe in a black latex dress which matches the lyrics in the second verse.

Download “Pray It Away” here.