#NewVideo: Chicago Band ‘Attack the Sound’ Creates an Intimate Vibe in ‘People Make Love’

With an encompassing sound that matches the color-filled scenery throughout its video, popular Chicago band Attack the Sound’s release of “People Make Love” is a melanin-filled escapade. Directed by a woman-led team, the video’s creativity is well displayed amidst a funky interior and a classic aesthetic.

Photo Credit: @itsjustjess

“People Make Love” offers a sexy, slowed-down delivery by lead singer Davo Sounds, who portrays a Hugh Hefner role in the video. Surrounded by beautiful women, Sounds and the other band members dance the night away to encourage listeners to show their appreciation for life by doing one of our most primal deeds – making love.

Attack the Sound includes Sounds (Vocals/Guitar), Viano (Guitar/Vocals), Netta Sherrell (Bass), Niki (Keys/Vocals), Paris Jmal (Drums/Vocals), Vante (Sax/Vocals), Wei (Trumpet/Vocals) and Royce Turner (Trombone). The combination of Sounds’ vocals with the instrumental progression of the band helps cultivate a full story of love and intimacy on “People Make Love.”

“Now time runs, From night to day / Girl come with me, So I can hold you close / And then all you’ll hear, From ear to ear, Is whispers / Sweet whispers in the dark”

Attack the Sound has opened for Taylor Bennett, a fellow Chicago artist, and has a recent notable performance on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE, WGN TV. Fusing jazzy Hip Hop combos with rock and gospel influences, Attack the Sound has created a genre all on its own, delivering wide appeal to the increasing demand for new and unique sounds.

Watch the “People Make Love” video below.