#NewVideo: Cardi B Turns it All the Way ‘Up’ in Latest Single

In her first single since “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B continues with the top-notch music video production in “Up.” In true Cardi B fashion, the boisterous lyrics big ups herself and her confidence, with slight toxicity (which she says herself).

“I could make the party hot, I could make your body rock/ Bitches say they fuckin’ with me, chances are they probably not/ If I had a dick, you’d probably lick it like a lollipop/ Hoes speakin’ cap-enese, hit ’em with karate chop/ I’m forever poppin’ shit, pullin’ up and droppin’ shit/ Gotta argue with him ’cause a nigga love a toxic bitch”

Lyrics Via. Genius

Download/buy “Up” here and watch the video below.