#NewMusic: Victoria Monét Wants to Be a Special Friend in ‘F.U.C.K’

Victoria Monét plays on a vulgar word by using catchy and sensual lyrics. “F.U.C.K,” is a statement on its own, but “friend u can keep” changes it, maybe if only slightly. The sensual new single comes as she prepares to give birth any day now, showing that she practices what she sings.

“I’m just tryna jump your bones, We don’t gotta jump the broom ya know/ Might be cross the room, But in private we be super close/ And plus it’s a go just According to the horoscopes, Lookin like the stars align for life/ Wanna be a friend you can keep, F.u.c.k yea friend you can keep”

Download/buy “F.U.C.K” here.

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