#NewMusic: Tiera Taps Fellow Country Artist BRELAND for Love Song ‘Miles’

Tiera returns with her uptempo, love-struck single “Miles.” Featuring fellow Country artist BRELAND, “Miles” is a simplistically beautiful song. Tiera’s heart and energy can be felt through the song, a modern-day love letter. BRELAND adds his own flavor to his verse. The two keep true to a Country music style but flip it with a more modern, genre-mixing flow.

“You’re like a slow lane Sunday, You’re good for my soul/ You’re taking me places, I never thought I could go/ You’re my dashboard religion, got my love on cruise control/ Take me any direction, And it’d still feel like home/ You’re putting miles, Miles, Mies on my heart”

Download/Buy Tiera’s “Miles” here, and listen tot he song below.

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