#NewMusic: Tamar Braxton Returns with ‘Changed,’ First Song in About Three Years

In her first new single since 2020’s “Crazy Kind of Love,” which was a part of the “True to the Game 2” film soundtrack, Tamar Braxton has given fans new music with her SWV sampled “Changed.”

“Changed” samples SWV’s “Weak” and explores Braxton’s storytelling of a love that has fizzled out as she goes through the motions of an argument.

“Ask me If I had enough, Hell Yea/ I know I gotta make a move from here/ I thought you were the man of my dreams, So how the hell was I wrong? / I gave you all of me, Oh, Boy it could have been you”

“Changed,” released on Braxton’s Birthday, also follows her new show on the Peacock network called “Queens Court,” a reality tv love show.

The song may be based on past love experiences considering Braxton is reportedly engaged to her chosen man from the show, Jeremy “JR” Robinson.

Download “Changed” here.

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