#NewMusic Tamar Braxton – My Man


Tamar Braxton just released her new single, “My Man,” which is inspired by her mother and father’s marriage/divorce.


Tamar said in last weeks episode of “Braxton Family Values” that her next single would be inspired by her mother, Evelyn Braxton’s marriage and divorce with ex-husband (and father of all her children) Michael Braxton Senior. Tamar said she was nervous about how her mother would react to the song, but delivered it anyway. In the song, she describes how Ms. Evelyn “lost her man” because of a friend, who watched Tamar and her sisters and brothers, visited their house, and talked to Evelyn, a supposed to be friend. In-depth details about what happened were never discussed, but fans of the show know that Michael cheated on Evelyn and broke up the family, the mystery woman (who will be revealed later this season) hasn’t been shown or talked about. The lyrics describe what happened, or at least Ms. Evelyn’s take on what happened.


“Why is she around?/ Why are you so cruel? How could you just turn your back when I stood by you?/ When you were broke I didn’t leave…No, No, No, no, not my man…. She had dinner at my table, even watched my kids, and she took my man. Bitch acting like she was my friend, she called me bout her man/ but I didn’t understand she was talking bout my man”

Listen to the song here: Tamar Braxton – My Man