#NewMusic: Mumu Fresh Returns with a Message in ‘Find My Way Back’

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, MC, and activist, Mumu Fresh, returns with a new single, “Find My Way Back,” ahead of her fourth studio album titled “A Healing.”

The up-tempo, rhythmic bop was written by Mumu Fresh and produced by Vidal Davis and Vidal Marcelo Davis Jr.

“Find My Way Back” is about that moment when you realize that you’ve allowed something to take you off your path and distract you from your purpose and you don’t know exactly how yet, but you are determined to find your way back to your happy place.

“This song is the pep talk you must give yourself to get back on track,” Mumu Fresh said. “Maybe it’s that relationship that started out simple and sweet but then somehow became way too dramatic or toxic and without you even realizing it, you lost your balance, your self-esteem took a major hit, and somehow you forgot who you were and what your value was without even realizing it, you allowed this situation to get you way off course.”

Download “Find My Way Back” here.