#NewMusic: KaWan DeBose Readies for Love Over the ‘WKND’

In his latest single, KaWan DeBose countdowns to the weekend til he’s able to love and see his significant other.

“Wknd” credits DeBose, Ann Nesby, Timothy Lee, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as co-writers. Not only did DeBose co-write the song but produced it and played various instruments heard throughout the track.  

In 3 minutes and 8 seconds, DeBose manages to create a feeling of love, anticipation, hopefulness and restlessness. It’s a song for lovers.  

“Winding down, from a  busy week/ Gotta tie down all those ends, make sure everything is complete/ Monday I just reminisce, Tuesday I long for your kiss/ Wednesday I start counting down, Thursday no more friends around/ Cause Imma love you love you love you this weekend”  

“Wknd” is released independently through his own label and follows his 2021 single “Wait” with Inara George.