#NewVideo: H.E.R. Enlists Chris Brown to Send That ‘Come Through’ Message on New Single

As H.E.R. prepares for her debut album, she releases her latest single “Come Through,” which features Chris Brown. Both singers send that “Come Through” message to significant others on the single, a shift of messaging from her previous single “Damage.” The brooding but somewhat comforting single captures a mood and moment of feelings and emotions.

“But you should come through tonight, I’m chilling on the Westside, boo/ Call my homegirl, tell your best friend, You can slide too on the low, a remote location/ I don’t want them see me gettin’ faded (Yeah), You should come through tonight (Yeah)/ I only kick it with a tight crew, They won’t tell, ’cause they tryna live they best life too (No)/ On the low, on my own, I be wavy (Yeah), Hit me on my phone, I’ll be waitin’, yeah-yeah”

Download/Buy “Come Through” here.