Mariah. Reflects on People Intruding in Her ‘Bizness’ in #NewMusic

Late 2021, Mariah. secured her first Billboard Top 30 R&B song with the smash single, “Material Girl.” She’s returning with her latest single “Bizness.” “Bizness” was written by Mariah. and produced by Michael Gardner with musical composition by Sarah Gardner.

“Bizness is written from the perspective of someone who’s fed up,” Mariah. said. “It’s so easy nowadays to have people involved in your private matters-constantly around you like gnats-offering nothing. The question then becomes: why was the desire to keep tabs more than the commitment to the friendship or relationship? I’m sure we’ve all experienced an individual who is ‘all up in our business.’ This song serves as an invitation to exit!”

Listen to Mariah.’s latest single below.