Lizzo Stuns the Crowd Dancing & Fluting at the 2019 BET Awards

Lizzo showed out at the 2019 BET Awards, and made all her fans proud that the entertainer is getting more love and appreciation than before.

Via. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The singer, rapper, actress, and all around entertainer graced the main stage during the award show, and commanded all the attention on her while performing her first Billboard entry song, “Truth Hurts.” Wearing a wedding corset onesie, Lizzo sang, danced, twerked, and played the flute (while twerking, a talent).

After previously stating that she “felt like my music wasn’t reaching black people and it was breakin’ my heart,” her performance last night was sure to captivate the Black audience, and make them want to check her out more. And receiving a standing ovation from Rihanna only assisted in the verification that Lizzo already knew, that she is 100% that bitch!

Check out the performance below.