Khalid Finds a ‘New Normal’ in #NewVideo

The open and honest “New Normal” single shows Khalid reflecting on his own journey of growth and discovery.  

The video shows Khalid walking through a building complex, seeing drones delivering packages (a new normal), and tending to plants (which requires delicacy and patience). Becoming a plant parent has become synonymous with positive change and growth and represents a message to the song. How everything changes and while things may not remain the same, “it’s just a season.”  

“You don’t pick your pages, It’s how the story goes/ In this life, its what you makin’, It’s out of your control/ It’s almost like you’re screamin’, But no one hears your voice ’cause everything is changin’/ You found your way but it’s never enough, And though it’s been tough for you/ Losing touch, But summer has its end sometimes/ And although I can’t promise you much, You’ll be fine, you’ll be fine”

Check out the video below.