Keyshia Cole Drops New Single “You” Featuring Remy Ma & French Montana

New music keep coming, this time from Keyshia Cole. Cole has been a musical hiatus since her last album, but has been hard in the studio, especially with R&B hit maker Elijah Blake. 

Cole teamed up with Remy Ma & French Montana for this new single, “You.” This is definitely an R&B bop with Hip-Hop undertones. Get the single below under the audio previews.

“The inspiration of the song is women’s empowerment,” she explains to Genius. “We really wanted to have something that was more uptempo. I come from a hip-hop background and I wanted to incorporate that feeling with the new album.”


You can’t let people influence you. I listen to my squad but that doesn’t mean that I follow. You have to find out for yourself. Your friends don’t have to go home with you at night. They don’t have to love the person you love. If your friends or family really care for you and its not done out of jealousy then they’ll ride with you through the storm and the sunshine.


Get “You” Here:

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