Kamala Harris Addresses COVID-19 Vaccinations, the Handling by Trump’s Administration, and Racial Disparities

In about two weeks, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will begin replacing the current president and his cabinet, but not without challenges.

While we’re still in a global pandemic, Harris spoke with Rickey Smiley on tackling coronavirus, getting Americans vaccinated and the importance of the U.S. Senate run-off elections in Georgia.

“We are prepared to act on day one,” said Harris. “We’ve been rolling out all of our plans on how we’re going to address COVID, but you’re right, we’re not in charge right now. When I look at how many people are suffering, standing in food lines waiting on their checks, there needs to be action, and we need it immediately.”

Harris spoke on receiving the vaccine, calling it “relatively painless,” and that she “felt great.” “It is safe, it is quick, and it saves lives. I just want to encourage everyone to do what needs to be done”

She also addressed the racial disparities in the Black community and understands the distrust between Black people and the medical community.

“Black folks in America have been dying at a much higher rate,” she said. “The president-elect, Joe Biden and I, very committed to saying we need to take racial disparities into account and make sure that all people have access to the vaccinations. Including in so-called ‘hard to reach’ communities, and that we do all things necessary.”

Listen to the interview below.

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